Related Games can be used as a team shooter. Game with weapon upgrades. You’ll play as mafia and have to kill the victim. The game is available to all 24 Mafia. The aim of the game is to destroy other players. You can play as a shooting player! Find friends to form an extended family, then play three PvP matches and purchase additional weapons and characters that are unique to you. Your character is what makes the mafia’s world possible. To become a godfather you have to engage in combat with powerful weapons. The captivating story of Mafia city. You can make money by destroying buildings.

Mafia gangster , now a secret target shooter. You must shoot the mafia as well as the wild city, not to mention the huge task of stealing.

Instructions Use your mouse to shoot the gun

Use WASD to move

Use Key 1-9 to Make Mafia-related Orders