Related Games provides a free fantasy RPG. Welcome to the one of a unique world of martial arts-themed multiplayer adventure and exploration RPG features. Tae Kwon 2 will teach you how players can gain wealth and power by learning more skills and ultimately defeating opponents. It is a no-cost top-down, 2D quest game where you complete various quests in order to gain skills as well as gold, items and experience points. These aren’t easy missions and you will be punished when you fail. You could lose items, gold and experience points, but you will always have fun. is an absolute blast. A fun game for everyone.


WASD or Arrow KeyArrow Keys or WASD unit movement.

Mousemovement, Left click – purpose and use.

B– Open Shop (works only within the DOJO Area).

N Open the upgrade menu for the items you wish to upgrade.

Z– interact (when prompted).

E Pick up items

G – drop selected item.

C– Auto-reuse selected items until they are stopped (either by clicking or pressing F).

H – open help menu.

1-6 (Numbers) – select item in hotbar. You can also click on the slot.

Other Items from the backpack to inventory to be used.

How to Play:

This game is based on fantasy and martial art. Learn to master Taekwondo! You can earn XP by taking part in DOJO and fighting against enemies. Before you begin your quest for gold, you need to deposit your Gold at an ATM. Half of your gold is lost if you don’t deposit it at an ATM. To become a force to be reckoned with, you must upgrade your weapons, armor and potions, as well as other items at SHOP/UPGRADE. There are a limited number of choices in this shop. You can find rare items that range from common to rare to extraordinary rarity in quest boxes that appear every three minutes. The harder the mission you complete, the greater reward! Are you looking to fight? To fight other players go to the PVP ARENA. This is the only PVP area. has over 20 items that you can collect, including weapons, armor, and potions. You can play this game AFK by using the auto-use feature located in the training zone.

Additional Info

Every week new quests and items are added every week. The artwork used in was designed by our game designers or provided by our parent platform.