Related Games offers a free dodge and bump game. You can become the sumo wrestler you always wanted to be by using low-poly skills. allows for players to move left or right, as well as retreat. Retracting is not recommended since the point of is to push your opponent to move away from the edge. Double tap and eat sushi for power ups to increase your mass and speed. Although you may be slower than average but you won’t be as quick if you take up 20 percent of your board. It’s enough to think strategically. Think strategically, anticipate the location of your opponent cutting them off, and then tap the button faster, more forcefully and with more willpower than any opponent will ever be able to beat. To be a Sumo wrestler, you need to be a gentleman who is disciplined. You can compete with other players from around the world in this thrilling game. Are you sure you are the most skilled sumo wrestler? will show you how to do it.

Instructions for the game

Use the w,a, s,d or an arrow pad to guide your wrestler.