Related Games is an Io soccer game with no rules! Run to score or kick to win! …” A thrilling, fun and exciting soccer game! You will be competing against other players across the globe in this sport-themed shooter. In this exciting game, one-on-one soccer, you are locked in an endless penty shot with another player. There are no referees , penalty penalties or yellow cards. There is no end to the goal-scoring game. You can play as both striker or goalie. You must be clever and outdo your opponent. Keep your eyes fixed on the goal. Make sure that you’re striking hard and timing your shots.

You’re given just three minutes to score the most goals, and it’s certainly not going to be an an easy task. Stay strong, stay focused and you will be victorious.


Moving: Use Arrow keys or WASD keys to move

Spacebar for Quick Kick

Hold the Spacebar and then release it to power kick

Matches typically take 3 minutes to be completed

Conditions for victory Goals: Score as many goals in three minutes as is possible to win.