Related Games allows you to paint the ground and cover as much of the space you like!

Play with other players to cover the ground in your color. Killing other players could cause the players to explode, which can cover a large area in your color. Killing other players is a great method to quickly fill a large area with your color. It is advisable to stay at minimum a few feet away from the person you’re shooting. This lets you continue painting while you are hitting the other player. Your bullets won’t cover enough ground towards the other player if you’re too close to them. This could result in less paint being used in the battle.

Be cautious! You can regain your health by painting the ground around you. To heal, you can paint over the ground or the colors of other players. You won’t be able to heal yourself when you paint over ground that isn’t your color. It is best to move around so that you have plenty of ground to paint. It is possible to get in a fight if you stay in the same place.

Can you cover the entire floor in your chosen color?


  • You can help yourself heal by painting a new ground or using different colors.
  • It is beneficial to focus on the opponent in case your health is poor when fighting.
  • Keep the track of your scores. If you’re not getting the results you want You may be able to seek assistance from another person.
  • Moving around is essential to score the highest score.
  • Paint can cause people to fight with you, so be prepared for a fight.
  • You can benefit from the experience of other players by snooping on them when they’re sick.
  • Experienced players usually have more ground covered than the majority of players. They are more adept at fighting, so be careful when you approach them.
  • The screen that displays the game’s final results will show the total tiles you’ve painted for each round, as well as your final score.
  • It’s an excellent method to keep your score up and keep you on the leaderboard.
  • Killing other players can make them to explode in your color. This is a great method to quickly take over large areas.
  • You will feel better when you witness the deaths of other players. You will see a significant improvement in your health after winning.


WAS D can be used to move around.

Left-click in the direction you want to shoot.

Mobile Controls:

Simply touch any spot and drag there. You will immediately begin firing in the direction that you want to go.

To shoot in this direction, you need to use the touch while moving