Related Games offers an iogame for no cost. Are you ready to eat hurricanes! But, in this massively multiplayer online .io weather strategy game, you play as the hurricane. Make your hurricane stronger, and your hurricane more adsorbent!

Being able to navigate warm waters can help you grow your hurricane. Use your special skills and hurricane skills. Global destruction and death. How big will you grow your hurricane? How strong will your hurricane get? How destructive will your hurricane be? How long can you stay in this top.iogame.

Or is it just an inconspicuous cloud. Even tiny clouds can change into a deadly storm when the weather is favorable. At the beginning of the game the cloud isn’t big however, it will grow into a massive hurricane. This massively internet strategy game will see you take on world-class opponents.

Be aware of any other hurricanes that could be threatening you. You can draw energy from the elements , like clouds and heat, and water from the ocean. By absorbing, dissolving, or taking out other hurricanes, you can boost your growth rate.

The ocean is the ideal location for hurricanes. Your hurricane will be less energetic on land. But if you’re powerful enough, nothing will stop you!

It’s a live online weather simulation game. If you are unable to connect to internet and the game is not able to connect, it will switch to an offline survival mode.

Hurricane Growth System: *Clouds boost hurricane wind speed.

*Red ball (heat).

The speed of the hurricane increases

*Green ball (struct).

Improve hurricane stability, lessen land or other damage to you.

*Blue ball (water):

Increase the volume of hurricanes which will increase energy absorption, but reduce speed.

These are just a few of the most unique features you can see:

Symbol System:

Destroy hurricanes. Build up power to unleash advanced skills. Acquire symbols. The symbols contain different abilities in accordance with the constellation (zodiac) and the four elements. These abilities can be utilized to limit damage.

* Real-world hurricanes data, JTWC & NHC. Real-time tracking and forecast.

* Live mode. Strong competition from all over the globe

* Survivor mode. Online survival mode. Everyone starts with the same speed of wind.

* Party mode. You can design your own space. Invite your friends to play.

* Offline mode