Related Games offers an Iogame at no cost. Welcome to Fallerz. A world filled with obstacles that appear out of the ground and spin clockwise and counterclockwise, and spikes and poles that cover the very ground you walk on. It’s a gorgeous place. You are a dazzling lump with beady eyes and you are trying to beat a series other lumps who are trying to make it to the end of the round. Are you the first? Will you be the last? Are you going to be 17th? It is up to you to figure it out. You will be competing against other players from all over the world. It’s adorable and cuddly but it’s also extremely competitive and absurdly funny. Only one person will win and if it’s you, it will be the other. You need to be ready to race and sharpen you elbows. If you don’t follow the correct path you could be injured and fall hard.

Controls WaSD for moving and jumping into space or space, or use the mouse to search

The race to the finish line of the course to claim the prize

If matchmaking takes too long, this game will automatically add bots into your lobby