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Battles are played in an area that is populated with explosive barrels. Beware of them. You could be killed when you are in close proximity to one of the barrels.

Ammunition includes a knife and a shotgun.

Walls can help you save costs. You will require bricks for the brick wall, and the timber needed to construct the wooden wall. Iron is also needed to build the iron wall. Wood can be made from trees, wood or other wood items. Bricks can also be made from stones or bricks used for the construction of walls in homes. Iron can also be sourced from vehicles and other suitable materials. players can earn accomplishments during battle: a butcher, executioner, an executor, an exterminator, and an exterminator. Skins that are unlocked can be used to unlock achievements that are not yet unlocked.

There are a variety of game modes available in the game for Io

1. Death match mode is bloody! Parachuting down to fight for hours and players fall. Parachuting is a great way to fight to avenge death and get to the top of the list. Only the true master will climb to the top spot. The game determines your level of skill by using the following formula Damage done * Death/Kills Victims skill

2. Zombie mode. You aren’t able to kill players because you’re facing more serious issues – zombies! You’re safe until dawn but zombies are sure to follow. If you do not take the time to reach an agreement with other players or construct an effective defense, you may not be able to endure the night. Every night brings more zombies. You must live for as long as you can!