Related Games allows multiplayer play. You can play with any weapon you want such as a sausage, a wurst or a pike. It’s not a good idea to carry it around! =3

Be brutal when you poke your foes!

To get more points, stop people who are behind

You can rise to the top, boast about your achievements and let the world know that you are incredible…

You can personalize your avatar. We’re talking about human skin. It’s multi-cultural! (You can also alter your hair style and color but who is interested? ?!?)

A lag-free experience thanks to our innovative faster-than-light-speed (FTLS) technology! You won’t have to worry about your network, dude!

Enjoy a fun and enjoyable game, and any other game that isn’t too serious.


You can build your weapon by eating food. The more massive , the better!

To kill other players take your weapon and fight them and then eat their food.

People who have bigger bananas aren’t to be taken seriously. Protect your a… huh… your back.


Desktop: Move the mouse cursor to move it, then click to move to the next screen.

Mobile Touch one hand to trigger a virtual joystick; touch with another hand to snooze