Related Games A robot-based online combat arena game, is now available on Io. To build your robot, you will need to master three skills. Then , enter the arena to battle other bots. Be the last bot standing at the end to be the winner of the game.

How to Play

Select 3 abilities, then map them to the keys that you select Then click the “Play button to join an online game. Make use of your expertise to beat other bots in the game to be victorious. If you play the game for too long the walls will be slamming shut and bring everyone together. After the game has ended, you can watch the replay or join a different one.


Use WASD or the Arrow keys to move your bot. Use the mouse to concentrate. Your abilities are mapped to 3 keys you choose.


Log in to keep the track of your performance and increase your rating. The ELO scoring system is used to determine the ranking of players. To increase your score, you must defeat the top players.


Your abilities will determine your strategy. Certain abilities are good for defense , such as the force field. Certain abilities are more offensive, for instance projectiles. Certain abilities can increase mobility, like the ability to teleport. Combining abilities can result in combinations like EMP to knock down the shield of your opponent, or health blasters to reduce their health. You can then teleport to get to them or escape. To determine the best combination, you can try with different combinations.