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Astro Race is a space-themed racing game that is available for io. It is possible that all that is happening is right now in space. Start your auto-thrusters and get your war drives going. space racing is on the way. Fly a supersonic spaceship as you race for the top spot with other players in this quick super futuristic MMO racing game.

You can utilize the boost function to go ahead of your rivals, stay in the lead, and drive aggressively to secure gold.

To speed up your pace and recharge your energy, drift around the track’s edges. Also, knock other players down to stop them from playing their game and be active and be an instant winner!

Join the top leagues and play against the most passionate players from around the globe!

Astro Race is the original drifting and racing IO video game!

Instructions / Controls for Desktop Games

  • Left/Right Arrows = Turn
  • Up Arrow = boost

Instructions and controls for use with mobile devices.

  • Tap to the left: Turn left
  • Tap on the right side to make a to the right
  • Tap to the left, and on the right you can boost