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Area 51 Battle Royale is an io-free battle royale game. You take on the part of an alien hunter during the raid on Area 51. You can earn free Aliens and continue the mission even if you are cut short. Continue to fight by selecting another class. Levels begin at Weeb and Jock and Anonymous. Forum Troll Alien Bruh, Forum Troll unlock more powerful classes. Each class has its own unique capabilities.

Area 51 Battle Royale controls

Your character is based off your mouse cursor

Area 51 Battle Royale Strategy

Focus on the strengths of your class.

Weeb is quick and squishy. It is great for farming in the desert and also for avoiding bullets.

Jock – Very tanky. Good to go between Area 51 (or the desert) when the police are looking for you.

Anonymous is a master for evading the police in Area 51, careful for the shielded special forces that are stranded in the area.

Forum Troll The healing allows him to kite for longer than he did in his previous classes, but the speed smacks his mistakes

Alien Bruh comes with all the perks of the previous class however, it’s slightly less powerful and the heal is weaker and the invisibility requires longer to recharge