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Tetris is a classic game of puzzles. It was the first tile-matching puzzle game to hit the market. Free Tetris is an exact recreation of the original Tetris. It has simple rules and retains the addictive gameplay. You must match the pieces correctly to destroy rows. As you move further, the speed of this game will increase!

Tetris Tips

Tetris free can be difficult. Do you want to improve your game? These tips will help you improve your game.

Tip #1: Visualize rotations. Rotating blocks is an essential part of the game. This helps you visualize the exact location of each block.

Tip #2: Keep your feet flat. Horizontal rows will increase your chances of putting down pieces and destroying rows. You should not stack blocks that are more than two-pieces high or create a hole larger than two blocks deep. A gap greater than two blocks can be filled with one piece.

Tip #3 – Look ahead. You can use free Tetris to see which piece is in the upper left. Once you feel comfortable with the game you can think about what to do with the next piece once you have dropped it.

Tip #4: Think quickly. Even though free Tetris may require quick thinking, it will not always lead to the best decisions. The game gets faster as you remove more lines.

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Free Tetris is very similar in gameplay to the original Tetris game. You can move faster by increasing your lines to get a higher score. It is easier to identify and distinguish pieces using color blocks. This makes it easier for you to plan ahead and recognize blocks.

The Tetris Legacy

Alexey Pajitnov (a Russian software engineer) created Tetris. It was the first tile-matching video game to hit the market. Later, it was regarded as one the most important early videogames. Despite many variations, the original game is a significant landmark in gaming history.

Scientific research has focused on Tetris. These studies have influenced cognitive psychology and computation theory. The term “Tetris Effect” describes visual phenomena that can occur when you play too much videogames.


Web browser (originally Flash, but now HTML5)


To rotate blocks, use the arrow keys.